Revisiting Fibromuscular Dysplasia & related vascular diseases

Brussels (Belgium)

Feb, 22nd – 24th 2018

Co – Presidents of the Meeting

Prof. Alexandre Persu

Cardiology Department,
Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc,
Université Catholique de Louvain

Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Heather Gornik

Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute

Cleveland, Ohio (USA)



Scientific Rationale

US and European registries are changing the image of Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) from a rare, curable cause of renovascular hypertension mostly occurring in young women to a more common, diffuse, usually benign but sometimes devastating vascular disease, which may occur at all ages of life, both in men and women.
International collaborative efforts are currently underway to unravel the genetics, pathophysiology and natural history of the disease, standardize diagnosis and management, and identify biomarkers and predictors of adverse vascular outcomes.
This meeting will bring together leading international experts of FMD and related vascular diseases who will summarize current knowledge on FMD, present cutting edge research and identify clinical challenges and research priorities for the next years. It may interest nephrologists, neurologists, cardiologists, internists, paediatricians, radiologists, vascular medicine specialists, as well as basic and clinical researchers.

Congress Venue

Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine
Brussels (Belgium)

Professional Congress Organizer

Congress Lab Srl

Bastioni di Porta Volta, 10 – 20121 Milano (Italy)
Phone: +39 02 81838120 – Cell: +39 3209066533 – Fax: +39 02 87181580 –

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